Triathlon is not just a Sport,

As a Member of Team Age Grouper, the goal is to become the best version of yourself to ensure you achieve Your Lofty Athletic Goals.

We chose to specialize in coaching Age Group Athletes…Because not only are we Coaches, we’re also Age Group Athletes!

We know what’s it’s like to train and compete with a job, a family, a social life…kinda, travel, life stresses, running a business, lack of sleep, driving kids around, etc. etc… and still kick butt and achieve our athletic goals. Our approach is to carefully consider your current life situation and optimize your training around your life. Triathlon should compliment and add value to your life, not cause conflict and stress.

We will help you maximize your training time so you can “do it all”!

We provide personalized and carefully tailored training plans and/or ongoing endurance sport coaching using the industry leading online coaching software, Training Peaks. Our goal is to not only provide you with WHAT TO DO, but educate you about WHY you’re doing it. This approach of filling you with training knowledge will lead to more effective workouts and eventually allow you to plan and manage your training on your own.

From Absolute Beginners to Experienced Triathletes. Try-a-Tri to Ironman, 5K to Marathon, We Can Help You!

If you’re training for your first race or you’re shooting to win an Age Group World Championship, we work with athletes of all levels, abilities and distance goals. We’re specifically looking to work with people who are dedicated, trust in the training process, personally accountable, engaged and involved to grow as an ATHLETE. 

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Be the Best Age Group Athlete You Can Be!

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