“I used to think I could just go out and do some swimming, biking and running and that meant I was training for a triathlon… Boy, was I wrong!

Most of us are not exercise physiologists or personal trainers who understand advanced endurance training principals. You’re probably not a sports nutritionist or most importantly, a sports psychologistbecause something has to be slightly wrong with you if you have any interest in a sport like triathlon! 

So when it comes to preparing for a triathlon,  where do you go to learn what to do and how to do it?

Hopefully, right here at Team Age Grouper!  

Team Age Grouper focuses specifically on helping Age Group Athletes like yourself be successful in the sport of Triathlon, no matter what your goal. From just finishing to world championships. 

Age Grouper | Definition: A mother, Father, has a job, chores, social events and every thing else that comes with life but still wants to kick ass as an athlete!

My name is Cory Krist and I’ve been an Age Group triathlete for over 16 years and coaching Age Group or Masters athletes for about just as long. I have a family, a full-time job, a coaching business, a social life…kinda…and still want to kick ass in triathlons!

Over the years I’ve had to learn how to train smarter because time is the most precious commodity of all.  

In over 15 years of coaching experience, I’ve identified 3 major limitations that most Age Group Athletes like yourself probably have that prevent you from training Smarter and achieving your full potential.

  1. You probably have a very limited understanding of training principals and how to prepare for a triathlon properly. 
  2. You probably struggle to figure out how much training is enough to perform at your best on race day but not train too hard to incur any injuries or fall prey to overtraining syndrome…Yes, you can train too hard! consultingquestionmark
  3. You don’t know, what you don’t know about the sport of Triathlon. Everything from race day nutrition, to minimizing your transition time, to what gear you will need to get you to the finish line fast! This specific knowledge can take years to learn through trial and error but who has time for that?

So why not leverage over 16 years of my triathlon racing, training and coaching experience?

and you can start right now, right here.