Need Some Help Structuring Your Triathlon Training Plan?

Benefits of TAG Training Plans

Triathlon Coaching
  • Feel confident that you’re preparing properly for your next big event.
  • Train safely and reach the start line injury free and in the best form possible.
  • Flexible schedules that fit your busy lifestyle.
  • Stay motivated and focused on your journey to the start line.
  • Learn how to train more effectively as you progress through your training plan.

There is no one perfect way to structure a training plan but there are basic training principals that should be followed to maximize your gains and avoid over-training and injury.

So Let’s Get Started With Some Basic Learnings


The systematic planning of athletic training. The aim is to ensure You reach Your best possible performance for the most important competition of your life. It involves progressive cycling of various aspects of training to maximize Your gains while avoiding injury, illness and burnout.

As mentioned above, there are many different ways you can periodize your training plan. Your plan should take into consideration your previous athletic history, your competition schedule, your personal schedule and the specific athletic elements you need to focus on improving.

What Exactly Will You Receive With a Personalized Training Plan?

  1. Access to your very own, fully configured, Training Peaks account to manage, track and monitor your progress.
  2. Fully populated, carefully prescribed personalized training plan and workouts.
  3. Full online tutorial on how to maximize your workouts and tracking.
  4. Your workouts emailed to you daily.
  5. Access to the Team Age Grouper platform where you can continue to learn how to train smarter, not harder.
  6. A full suite of reports to ensure you’re maximizing your training gains while minimizing your chances of illness and injury.
  7. Upload workouts directly to your watch and easily follow the instructions right from your wrist.
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Get To Know Your Coaches

Cory Krist

My name is Cory Krist and I’ve been an Age Group triathlete for over 16 years and have been Coaching Age Group/Masters Athletes for about just as long. I have a family, a full-time job, a coaching business, a social life…kinda…and still want to kick ass in triathlons!

  • Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree.
  • NCCP Triathlon & Swimming Trained Coach.
  • 16 Years Coaching Experience in Swimming, Cycling, Running & Triathlon.
  • Professional experience as a Personal Trainer and Kinesiologist.
  • Over 11 years of professional experience in the Health and Fitness Industry as a General Manager of a facility serving over 7000 members.
  • Over 10 years experience as a Certified Group Fitness Cycle Instructor.
  • 6 years experience providing personal coaching services to Age Group Athletes.
  • Competed in over 100 triathlons and other endurance races, across all distances including 8 Ironmans.

"The main reason why Age Group Athletes like yourself inspire me and why I chose to specialize and focus specifically on Age Group Athletes is that the level of drive, sacrifice, dedication, commitment, time management etc. etc. it takes to train and race while working, raising a family, having a social life and other life commitments amazes me every day! To be successful in the sport of triathlon, an athlete needs to strike the right training/life balance and I believe a coach needs to ensure this is a top priority when working with Age Group Athletes." 

Cory Krist

Colin Wallace

Colin Wallace

I derive inspiration from the achievements of those I have the privilege to mentor and guide through athletic and professional journeys. My passion is athletics, and although I have been a competitive athlete for over 25 years, I fell in love with sport even more when I began coaching. Through my guidance, I have worked with athletes that have qualified for the Boston marathon, represented their province at Canada Summer Games, and won Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association national team titles! I have worked with athletes with a range of experience, from beginners to veterans, and my goal is to help each and every one of them achieve their very best, no matter the event they are training for. I love the sport of triathlon and all of its individual components. I have experience in open water swim, cycling, running (i.e., road, track and cross-country), and triathlon events. As a physiologist, I understand the purpose each training session serves in order to get an athlete to the start line feeling fit and fresh, and to the finish line with a sense of accomplishment and pride. I am committed to ensuring you accomplish your goals and maintain your motivation to participate in this amazing sport!

Colin Wallace

So if this all sounds good, how do you get started?

Still Have Questions?

Our goal in providing people with personalized training plans is simply to help individuals train safer and more effectively. If at any time you feel you have not received the direction and assistance you were looking for, we will issue you a full refund. We only want to be compensated if we have truly helped you on your journey towards achieving your triathlon goals.

Again, our purpose is to support you along your journey but you’re ultimately in-charge. A training plan cannot ensure you’re applying the correct stress/rest principals and know exactly how tired or fresh you are at any given time. So, keeping yourself healthy is up to you and plans need to be modified from time to time! If by some misfortune you do become sick, injured or something major in life comes up and you can no longer train, we are happy to prorate any refund of unused months or extend your training plan to when you are able to return to training.  

There are no age limits but Jr. Athletes will require parent participation when it comes to training consent, plan purchases and safety supervision of training program and sessions.

Having competed in 8 Ironmans and coaching multiple Ironman athletes in our career, absolutely we can! Whatever the distance, from a try-a-tri to a Sprint, Standard, 70.3 and of course Ironman, you choose the race and I’ll help you show up confident and in the best form possible!